DIY Game Day Bow Sandals

DIY Game Day Bow SandalsMake Your Own Game Day Sandals

Shoes are probably my favorite accessory and since I am a Florida girl, all I pretty much wear is sandals. Unless you are going to pair some cute cowboy boots with your game day dress, you will probably be wearing sandals to the game this season too.

Cute game day shoes are hard to find. I have a pair of Seminole game day flip-flops that I wear to most of the games.

They are a cute basic flip-flop, but I was looking for something a little more stylish. After all, I need a nice pair of sandals to wear with my new game day dress this season!

DIY Inspiration

I got the idea for these game day bow sandals from this blog called Swellmayde and I modified it to make them GAME DAY bow sandals! It looked super easy, something I could definitely handle.

The hardest part about the project was finding the right shoes, in the right color, at the right price.

Since I was making Seminole game day sandals I was looking for a pair of gold T-strap sandals. If you are making them for another team then you will of course want to get whatever color sandal matches your team. You could always stick with a neutral beige or white, but to make it a little more fun, you can find colored T-strap sandals.

I ended up finding a pair of gold T-strap sandals at Target for less than $15.00!

DIY Game Day Sandals

You can also find some other great colors at Old Navy or Payless. The start of summer is a great time to get them because there are a lot more to choose from and they are usually on sale.

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

Once you have found your T-strap sandals, getting the rest of the supplies is pretty easy. Here is what you will need:

DIY Game Day Bow Sandals Supplies

1. T-strap sandals in whatever color you choose.

2. Fray stop or Fray check for ends of ribbon to prevent fraying (Or you can put a stitch in the ribbon if you are that crafty- I am not).

3. Grosgrain ribbon in whatever color you choose. I used garnet since I was making garnet and gold sandals. If your team is for example, orange and blue, you will want to get the appropriate color.You can also vary the size of the ribbon depending on how large you want the bow to be. I used 5/8″.

4. Scissors for cutting ribbon.

5. Glue gun.

Step Two: Make Your Bows

For each bow cut about a 16″ long piece of ribbon.

Take the strand of ribbon and make two bunny ears, like this:

DIY Game Day Bow Step One

Next, cross one loop over the other:

DIY Game Day Bow Step Two

Then loop the top end through the hole and pull it through to tighten:

DIY Game Day Bow Step Three

Cut the ends to desired matching length:

DIY Game Day Bow

The next step is completely optional but it gives the bow a little finished look.

Take a small strip of ribbon (you may just use the extra you trimmed from the end) and loop it around the center of the bow:

DIY Game Day Bow Finish

Hot glue it in place to give your bow a more tailored finish:

DIY Game Day Bow Complete

Once you have both your bows made, use a little of the fray stop on the ends to keep the ribbon from fraying. If you would rather sew a stitch in the end you can do that too:

DIY Game Day Bow Stop Fray

Step Three: Glue Your Bows Onto The Sandals

Once the fray stop has dried on the ribbon you can glue them onto your sandals.

Use a hot glue gun to make a dab of glue on the back, center of the bow. Press bow onto sandal at the top of the T-strap:

DIY Game Day Bow Sandals Glue On

Repeat for both shoes…duh! :)

You have now completed your game day bow sandals:

DIY Game Day Bow Sandals

I can’t wait to wear mine for Gameday!

Step Four: Share Your Game Day Bow Sandals With Me

I would love to see some of your game day bow sandals in your team’s colors. Please share them with me!

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